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III. Old Gate

Je-hoi-a-da and Me-shul-lam are together here, partners in the enterprise, earnest in the cause, mighty in the work. They lay the beams of it; they set up the doors and the locks and the bars of it. Their heart is not heavy nor their countenance sad, though the toil is great. United with them are Mel-a-ti-ah, and Ja-don and the men of Bib e-on and of Miz-pah, unto the throne of the governor on this side of the river. Likewise, Uz-zi-el the goldsmith and Han-an-ni-ah the apothecary. These will fortify Jerusalem unto the broad wall; for this is the gate of Old Salem, built at first by Melchis-e-dek the Righteous, and the work is mighty. Nor are these all who labor here; Reph-a-i-ah, whose father rules the half of Jerusalem; and Je da-i-ah, who will build up that portion opposite his own house; and Hat-tush and Mal-chi-jah, and Ha-shub; they will erect from the broad wall westward, and will set up the tower of the furnaces. With them will be found Shal-lum, whose father rules another half of Jerusalem, he and his daughters, whose money and approbation will cheer the others in their steady toil.