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Gates of Jerusalem

The following is adapted from The Masonic Conservators by Ray V. Denslow.

Come, my Brother, and let us build up the walls of Jerusalem, that we be no more a reproach. It was the practice of faithful Nehemiah, whenever a proper person came up from Babylon, and offered himself as a workman upon the walls, to take him by night around the city, show him every portion of the work, and allow him to select for himself that upon which he would labor. The whole was divided into ten parts designated as Gates.

The circuit being completed, the candidate was required to select for himself, unassisted, the Gate of his adoption. When he had done so, he was informed of his Conservator name, marked "Secret Name" in the chart below, and told that he could never afterwards change it.

This table shows the correspondance between Gates and secret names.

Number Name Secret Name Description Action
1 Sheep Gate Eliashib Here, A-li-a-shib the high priest, with his brethren the priests, are engaged in a holy undertaking.... View
2 Fish Gate Meshullam Here, strongly build the sons of Has-se-ha-ah, under the protection of the Arm-Omnipotent. They lay ... View
3 Old Gate Jehoiada Je-hoi-a-da and Me-shul-lam are together here, partners in the enterprise, earnest in the cause, mig... View
4 Valley Gate Hanun Ha-nun and the inhabitants of Za-no-ah are the workmen here. They build this Gate with holy vigor; t... View
5 Dung Gate Malchiah Mal-chi-ah, the son of the ruler of part of Beth-hac-cerem (Beth-has-ser-im), labors here alone. It ... View
6 Gate of the Fountain Shallum This portion to the northward is immense in extent, and beset with a thousand difficulties. Shallum,... View
7 Water Gate Nethin Here, the Neth-i-nims, who dwell in the tower Ophel will labor. and repair the wall towards the east... View
8 Horse Gate Jeshua The priests repair the wall here, each one taking the portion opposite his own house. Following them... View
9 East Gate Shemaiah Here are engaged Han-aniah and Hanun; likewise Meshul-Iam, who repairs the portion opposite his own ... View
10 Gate Miphkad Mattaniah We are now at the last of the ten gates. The goldsmith's son toils here as far as the going up of th... View